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Este tipo de grapadora curvada de corte es de un solo uso pero se puede recargar varias veces. Posee tres filas cruzadas de grapas de titanio en la parte de corte curvado y grapado.

Diseñada de acuerdo con la anatomía humana, la grapadora curvada de corte desechable HQY45 está indicada para la resección anterior baja en cirugía rectal. A diferencia del modelo básico, esta grapadora puede utilizarse en zonas profundas de la pelvis ...

Curved Cutting Stapler

Ⅰ. Application Scope
The curved cutting stapler is commonly used to the anastomosis and resection of the anal sphincter organizations and the mucosa part.

Ⅱ Advantages
1. The product has four rows of arc distributed staples with a curved scalpel during the second and the third row.
2. It offers better surgical result when applied to the pelvic cavity of narrow space.
3. The wider surgical filed is conducive to convenient operation.
4. In the same surgery, the cutting unit of this product can be replaced.
5. The curved cutting stapler can simultaneously realize stapling and cutting, thereby simplifying the surgical steps.

Ⅲ Working Principle
The HQY30 curved cutting stapler which can be repeatedly fired, is used only for one person. There're three-row crossing titanium staples of the instrument's curved cutting and stapling part. During the first and the second row, there is a curved scalpel. While knocking the 3 rows of mutually staggered array of staples into the tissue, the curved scalpel transects the tissues between staple lines. In other word, it is a simultaneously stapling and cutting instrument.

Ⅳ Precautions
1. When using, you need to strictly follow the related general principles.
2. Make sure that there are no damage of the blister package. The damaged one is not recommended for use.
3. The instrument should be used during the two years' sterilization validity period.
4. In the same surgery, you must replace the cutting unit if you need to reuse the stapler. The stapler can be reused for no more than 8 times.
5. Before using the cutting unit, the protective cover must be well encapsulated. Otherwise, you need to check up whether the amount of the staples is enough or not.
6. After you get out the instrument, you much check whether the sutured tissue is bleeding or not. If there is any errhysis, you need to fulgerize or add a few stitches.
7. This product only can be used in one surgery. After using, it should be discarded.

Ⅴ Contraindications
1. The tissue Grosor is far more than 2mm or less than 2mm.
2. The ischemic or necrotic tissue
3. Central nervous system and central circulatory system.

Ⅵ Cautions
1. This curved cutting stapler is sealed with the aseptic package. On the package box, you can find the notation of Aseptic. Under the condition that the small package remains unopened or the package is free from any damage, the sterilization validity will be two years.
2. Prior to use, check the package and validity period. Do not use the product, if the package is damaged or it is beyond the validity period.
3. The storage place should be ventilated, dry, and cool. And there is no corrosive gas. The relative humidity is no more than 80%.
4. After using, the product should be disposed in accordance with the rules.

Ⅶ Package
This curved cutting stapler applies the blister box and dialysis paper for packing. Its outer package is carton box. This box also contains the Operation Instructions and Inspection Certificate. The matching parts of the stapler are individually packed with the blister box and dialysis paper. Also, the carton box is used as the outer package. Only one cartridge will be supplied and it has been installed into the stapler.

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