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We provide our clients with a wide range of orthopedic implants and instruments, including bone plate system, screw system, surgical instrument, locking plate and screw system, DHS/DCS plate system, mini hand plate system, intramedullary nail system, and many more.
Applications and Features
Products Used for Spine

1. M7 series intelligent spinal screw-rod system applies the special design to reduce the implantation time.
2. The cone bottom design make the head have the automatic guide function. Moreover, it can enhance the holding force of the front part while strengthening the back part's resistance to bending and torsion.
Locking Plate System
1. Due to the human skeleton anatomical design, the locking plate requires less shaping in the surgery. It will cause less irritation to the soft tissue.
2. It can prevent the loss of the original and secondary reset. The smaller contact area between the plate and periosteum, can provide sufficient gripping force for the fixation of the normal or even osteoporosis bone.
3. It has many different screw fixation methods. In the surgery, the common type screws and locking screws can be used in combination, to meet different surgical requirements.
4. The locking screw can realize the angled fixation, enhancing the stability of internal fixation system. When used with the locking plate, it can offer the effective solution to the comminuted fracture and senile osteoporosis.
5. The end of the locking plate applies the bevel design, providing the convenience for the minimally invasive implantation.
Patented Titanium Rib Plate System
Our patented titanium rib plate system has the patent number ZL 201020111730.6. It is flexible and contains no iron. This product is compatible with the tissue perfectly, and has no affection on the thoracic CT or MRI inspection. After the operation, you don't have to remove it.
The product is suitable for patients with floating chest, flail chest or pneumohemothorax. Also, it can be applied to the internal fixation of single and multiple rib dislocations in thoractomy.
Surgical Stapler
All of the surgical staplers applies the titanium from American FORT WAYNE METALS. It has the features as below:
1. This type of three-row PPH stapler has exceptional hemostatic effect.
2. The outer ring applies the unique design to protect the anastomotic tissue from excessive squeezing.
3. The 48 three-row titanium screws make the tissue to be effectively closed.
4. A greater lumen of the staple cartridge can hold more diseased tissue.
5. The anvil and guide shaft, both of which are made of stainless steel, make the closing and firing more stable. Under the help of the two symmetrical sutures, the tissue can enter into the equipment.
6. The sharp circular knife is highly effective when used for cutting.
7. The 0.75mm suture clearance compresses the mucosa that has the best hemostatic effect.
8. Fool positioning is adopted. The stapler can be fired once it has been adjusted to the position shown in the picture.
9. This improved B-type staple makes the anastomotic stoma higher in tensile strength.
Our products mainly adopt the materials, including pure titanium, titanium alloy, and stainless steel. Some products apply the materials from the Chinese SFDA suppliers, for instance, Xi'an Satel Metal Materials Development Co., Ltd., Dalian Suntec Titanium Ltd. Also, we import the materials from the Sweden SANDVIK supplier, France FORECREU, and so on.
To further integrate the scientific and technological resources, we have founded the new cooperation and innovation mechanism as well as the commercialization mechanism of research findings, thus boosting the further development of the medical industry. In December of 2009, our company has cooperated with Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Military General Hospital, Suzhou University, etc., to formally set up the Changzhou Huashen Technological Innovation Center. The joint innovation is conducted by the experts, manufacturers, and merchants. Through such way, we can provide more valuable products to help the people restore the healthy life.
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