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Disposable Three-Row-Staple Circular Stapler

This disposable three-row-staple circular stapler is used for the digestive tract reconstructive surgery about the end-to-end, end-to-side and side-to-side anastomosis.

1. This disposable three-row-staple circular stapler has stronger penetrability.
2. Prior to firing, the red pointer in the safety window must be aligned with the center line of the green zone, if the tissue has no edema.
3. Fool-firing positioning is used.
4. The outer ring is specially designed to prevent the excessive squeezing of anastomotic tissue.
5. You can distinguish the specification at a glance.
6. 36 three-row titanium staples around can close the tissue with effect.
7. The sharp circular knife allows for the effective cutting.
8. B- type staple with slightly incurved feet makes the suture higher in tensile strength.

Product Information
Product CodeModelColorSuture RowsOuter Dia. (mm)Cutting Diameter (mm)Height (mm)Staple Width (mm)QuantityClosure Height (mm)
12012021III ROWS-21-CYellow Cartridge320.611.84.53.7272
12012024III ROWS-24-C324.1154.43.4332
12012025III ROWS-25-C325.316.44.53.8332
12012026III ROWS-26-C325.316.44.53.8332
12012029III ROWS-29-D33020.74.83.9362
12012031III ROWS-31-D33020.74.83.9362
12012032III ROWS-32-E331.9224.83.9422

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