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Surgical Stapler

As the innovator in the surgical stapler field, we provide the surgeons with the advanced technology and product, as well as the professional medical education and customer service. Especially, the PPH stapler and three-row staples circular stapler developed by us, have exceptional hemostatic effect. The specially designed outer ring prevents the anastomotic tissue from the excessive squeezing.

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Product Advantages
1. Our titanium staples are from the same manufacturer of the imported stapler. The double row alternately parallel arranged sutures can better control the bleeding and leakage.
2. We apply the dialysis paper which has the best tightness among all the packing papers. Our packing paper is from the same manufacturer with the imported products.
3. This product applies the irradiation sterilization which offers extremely powerful penetrating force. Different from the EO sterilization applied by the domestic congeneric products, our sterilization method offers uniform sterilization without residue.

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