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Disposable Visible PPH Stapler

Main Features
1. The disposable visible PPH stapler makes use of the stainless steel anvil and stainless steel guide shaft, with the purpose to make the closing and firing more stable.
2. Equipped with a greater lumen of the staple cartridge, it makes the surgery more successful.
3. Its transparent cartridge and nail-pushing piece make a clearer visual feedback.
4. Two symmetrical sutures help the tissue to enter into the equipment.
5. 0.75mm suture clearance compresses the mucosa of the best hemostatic effect.
6. 38 double-row titanium screws around can effectively close the tissue.
7. The sharp circular knife ensures the effective cutting.
8. When this product is used with the anoscope, the haemorrhoids can be chosen to resect.
9. This disposable visible PPH stapler can be checked at a glance before the operation.

1. It has a visible transparent cartridge which can provide a more clear and vivid new perspective for the operator.
2. With the largest cartridge in current industry, it can help resect more tissues to meet the clinical requirement.

Product Information
ModelColorSuture RowsOuter DiameterCutting DiameterStapleClosure Height(mm)
Width (mm)Qty.
GHYL-34-DGreen components
/Transparent Cartridge

Related Names
Single Use Surgical Instrument | Hemorroid Treatment Tool | Circular Stapling Device

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